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Hope03 Marathon Runs

2018 was a big year for Hope 03 when it came to Marathon running, having entered three relay teams and a full distance marathon runner (our very own Trustee, Shane Fitzpatrick) in the full Belfast City Marathon in May.

Another Trustee, Conor Fitzpatrick also participated in the Belfast City Half Marathon on Sunday 23rd September.

Our list of Runners, Race Numbers and times from May 2018 Marathon are included below.

Full Runners REGISTERED – 2070
Shane Fitzpatrick – 4hrs 28mins 49secs

HOPE03 Team 1 REGISTERED – 5618 – 3 hrs 55mins 36secs
1. Conor McCollum
2. Niamh McCollum
3. Liam Gillie
4. Michelle O’Meara
5. Paul McCloskey

HOPE03 Team 2 Stothers M&E – 5413 – 3hrs 41mins 23secs
1. Conor Fitzpatrick
2. Paul Stevenson
3. David Conlon
4. Alan Keys
5. Gerard MartinHOPE03 Team 3 REGISTERED – 5480 – 4 hrs 10 mins 45 secs
1. Graham Larmour
2. Lisa Steele
3. Chris Stanford
4. Marion Morris
5. Neil Douglas

Thank you to everyone who donated!

Watch out for more Marathon participation in the future.

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