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Saphara Project

HOPE03 recently supported and donated £1,520.00 to a very worthwhile cause, Saphara.

Saphara is a cross-community educational programme that gives sixth form students from Northern Irish schools the opportunity to go to India to work with children from very disadvantaged backgrounds to teach them English. This is a truly life-changing experience as they discover that the Indian children – though from very poor backgrounds – are very passionate about their education as it is their only chance to escape poverty. They work in charity schools run by local Indians – and are currently supporting 5 schools and the education of 2000 kids. See for more details and below recent newsletter.

HOPE03 recently had the opportunity to help a school in a very poor slum in Delhi and we as a Charity took the decision to support them in the following ways;

– a teacher to work with the street kids teaching them basic literacy and numeracy so they will be accepted into the local government school. Cost £60 per month

– an inverter for the school – it is in the slum area and electricity is often cut for several hours in the day. Temperatures of up to 48C make the classrooms suffocatingly hot and dark during school hours.The inverter is basically a large back-up battery which can power lights and fans while the power is out. Cost £300

– mosquito nets for 250 homes (at £2 per family). Part of the slum burnt down recently and these families lost their homes. The area is close to swampy breeding grounds for mosquitoes carrying dengue and malaria. Cost £500.















Dr Christine Burnett, Founder and CEO of Saphara is one of several heading off to India at the start of July with our Saphara teams made up of 90 young people and teachers. This summer they have 6 Belfast schools going with them – Aquinas Grammar, Campbell College, St Malachy’s College, Belfast Royal Academy, Dominican Fortwilliam and Sullivan together with St Mary’s Magherafelt and 3 Down schools – Assumption, Down High and St Patrick’s Downpatrick.

The report below is from Saphara’s Indian NGO partner which was the beneficiary of the HOPE03 donation, which makes for an interesting read.

Annual Report 


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