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Celebrating 10 Years of HOPE03

Carryduff based charity HOPE03 (Help Overcome Poverty Everywhere) have just celebrated their 10th Anniversary.

In celebration of this, HOPE03 held a coffee morning on Sunday 1st December after the 10.30 am and 12 noon masses. It was a great opportunity to display the work the charity has carried out in the last 10 years and to formally thank everyone within the Parish and community on all their support, contribution and donations over the years.

The Charity was set up by 5 business people in Carryduff in November 2003. Their main international project is in the Malate district of Manila in the Philippines where they are involved in two projects. The first one is an Education programme whereby 285 ‘Street Children’ are being financially supported in their basic right to receiving an education and thereby hoping to escape the poverty trap. The second project is the maintenance of a Medical Centre which HOPE03 helped build in 2008. This centre provides 14,000 people who live on the streets and in the alleys with medical care.

Whilst HOPE03 are involved with international projects they are also involved with some local projects. The most recent one was raising funds for the ‘Children’s Heartbeat Trust’ who provide financial support to those families who face considerable financial hardship as a result of having to travel to either England or Dublin for children’s heart operations. Over £2,000 was raised by HOPE03 member Conor Fitzpatrick by organising various teams to raise funds through sponsorship in this years Belfast Marathon.

Pictured with the cheque are Billy Kelly (HOPE03), Dr. Frank Casey, Children’s Hearbeat Trust, Peter O’Hara, (Chairman, HOPE03) and Conor Fitzpatrick (HOPE03). 


 Our Committee tell of what HOPE03 has achieved in the last 10 years and what it means to them to be a part of the charity.


– Peter O’Hara – HOPE03 Trustee –

“It is incredible to believe that 10 years has passed since HOPE03’s inauguration in October 2003. In that time we have raised over £100,000 to assist our local and international projects. Local projects such as Breakfast Clubs in West & East Belfast and the Welcome Centre in Belfast amongst others, as well as our main international projects in the Philippines have benefitted from these funds.

There is no better feeling than that of knowing you have helped along with your colleagues to make a difference to some lives in some small way.

The people of Carryduff and other areas have demonstrated their unstinting support to HOPE03 by their generous contributions over the years and have in particular taken the Philippines projects to their hearts.

Knowing that 285 ‘street children’ are receiving their basic right to an education and over 14,000 people who live on the streets and in the alleys of the Malate district of Manila now have access to medical facilities thanks to these generous contibutions, just serves to remind us that we must keep going.

As a result of this, my own personal enthusiasm has never waned and I am very hopeful and encouraged for the next 10 years for HOPE03 especially now that we have younger people on the Management Committee who are very dedicated and focussed to ensuring that HOPE03 moves forward.

I would like to thank eveyone who has served on the Management Committee over the last 10 years for all their hard work and help in putting HOPE03 where it is today.”



Gerry McSorley – HOPE03 Secretary –
“I feel very proud to be part of HOPE 03. Proud of money that has been raised, proud that we have been able to help people who find themselves in difficult circumstances and proud to be part of a team that is trying to do some good be that here or abroad. When we hear the stories from those who have benefitted from eduction programmes or other worthy causes it gives us the fuel to do more. 

I joined  about 5 years ago to see what it was about, I am glad to have been able to play a small part in a big success. I take my hat off to the founding members 10 years ago who had the vision and drive to get a parish charity group off the ground.”



Billy Kelly HOPE03 Trustee

“In 2003 the founder members of HOPE03 accepted an invitation from Tom Fitzpatrick to join with him in promoting a local venture designed to bring help and support to those suffering from poverty and social or economic distress. The adopted slogan of the registered charity that emerged – ‘Help Overcome Poverty Everywhere’ – epitomised the spirit of the enterprise and indeed the challenge that we proposed to confront.

It is hard to believe that ten years has now passed and that from small beginnings so much has been achieved in supporting needy causes at both home and abroad. The professionalism of the trustees, through sound leadership, financial management and   administrative discipline has been the hallmark of all that has been achieved. In keeping with the dedication and commitment of all the other trustees who have contributed unselfishly to the work of the charity over the last ten years it has been a privilege to have served and be associated with the success of HOPE03.

Nothing stands still and the needs of those suffering poverty and deprivation will continue to challenge HOPE03 in the future. These can be relatively small or medium scale local needs that are eminently worthy of our support or they can be more significant initiatives including the overseas projects that HOPE03 has been associated with. The charity will continue to strive to be able to respond to all such needs as they may arise.

In setting out on the next decade with renewed energy it is particularly encouraging that in recent times new trustees have been appointed to HOPE03 who bring with them youth, new perspectives, social media expertise and an enthusiasm that will further invigorate the future activities of the charity.”



Gerry McEvoyHOPE03 Trustee

“The idea originated from Tom and Peter following their work on wastage of money people were spending on Christmas cards.

My involvement really carried on from helping out on this project to try and get people to put this  expenditure to much better use—whilst this proved difficult to change peoples habits the seed was sown and needs of local charities along with the Phillipines project galvanised us to look at ways to raise money purely for specific need and keeping our local image. This helped us greatly when it came to Church door collections and the invaluable visit by Tom and Peter to Phillipines  really struck a chord with our parish who  contributed generously to this project

 The early guiding force of Billy with his detailed Constitution ensured we were legally bound in all our dealings and yearly audited accounts ensures we run a professional charity and most importantly ALL monies goes to deserving organisations—we certainly didn’t envisage raising 104k in ten years!!!

To all those who have held office in those ten years i commend them greatly; its hearting to see new members coming on board and it has been a privilege to be small part of it  

Heres to next ten!!”



Conor Fitzpatrick – HOPE03 Trustee –

“As one of the newest members of the HOPE03 committee, I hope to bring a fresh approach and new ideas to how the charity promotes itself and raises money. I volunteered to organise runners in the 2013 Belfast City Marathon which helped raise over £2000. I’ve brought HOPE03 to a new level of awareness through social media and helped update the website, raising awareness of the charity’s upcoming events, fundraisers, our achievements to date and how exactly the money is spent and the people we help.

I’m proud to be part of an organisation that changes the lives of people who are less fortunate than myself and proud to be part of the committee who is dedicated to making that happen.”




Frank McCourt – HOPE03 Trustee –

“For me, it started back in early 2008 when Tom (Fitzpatrick) sent out an email asking for help for ideas to raise funds for an urgently needed medical centre in Manila. I email back to help organize a golf classic, he invite me along to the next Hope 03 meeting, at which I put my case forward to organize the golf day and give myself a target of £10,000 that I said was achievable.

I got some strange looks from the committee, (is this guy mad!?), anyway with support from Tom, the rest of the committee came on-board. All put their shoulders to the wheel, we got sponsors, each got a task to do to the made our day a success, golfers to play, all had a great day/night at Rockmount Golf club, we manage to exceed our target and were able to fund the medical centre which is now up and running providing a great service to the needed in Manila.

Our golf day now runs every second year and to date we have supported a number of events. The next Golf Classic is Friday 6th June 2014 at Rockmount Golf Club.

I have to say a big thank-you to Rockmount Golf Club & it’s members for all their help in making these golf days so successful. When you see what all our effort in raising funds means to those people in Manila who have nothing, it means a lot to me & the committee.”



Tom Fitzpatrick – HOPE03 Chairman –

“As one of the founder members of HOPE03 I am amazed at how quickly the last 10 years have passed! Sometimes, when we look back over a period of time, we wonder how it passed so quickly and then again we wonder at the changes that have taken place and the achievements that have been accomplished. Over the last 10 years, HOPE03 has firmly established itself as a small local Charity which has brought life changing and sometimes life saving opportunity to many people, especially children.

It is often said when you need something done ask a busy person ..  well that just about sums up the amazing trustees who make up the HOPE03 committee. They are all busy people but somehow they still find the motivation to give as much of their experience and selfless time and energy into helping others.

HOPE03 has changed lives around the world and at home thanks to the dedication hard work and professionalism of all the people who have helped HOPE03 over the last 10 years. The people of Carryduff Community deserve a special thanks for their tireless generosity over the last 10 years. The next 10 years looks even more successful with new trustees joining HOPE03 bringing new ideas, technological expertise and fresh enthusiasm. I wonder how many young lives we can help in the future … with your continued help we can make big differences to small projects.”


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